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    How To Make A DIY Body Wrap At Home

    By NHT / February 2, 2016

    0 shares People want to shed weight and lose fat around their midsection without doing a lot of exercise. They are tired of dieting because it always leave them feeling tired and hungry all the time. They just want a quick solution to their midsection problems so that they can concentrate on their daily activities. […]


      The Sensational 7: 7 Superfoods That Fire Up Your Metabolism

      By NHT / January 29, 2016

      0 shares It is always a struggle for many people to lose weight because of several factors such as metabolism, lifestyle and lack of exercise. Some of them start strong in the beginning but then lose motivation after several days because they do not see their weighing scale tip to their favor. To help increases […]


        The Perfect Tea For Any Ailment

        By NHT / January 28, 2016

        0 shares For many years, people from the East regard teas as a key to happiness, good health and wisdom. It has caught many researchers’ attention when they are still trying to discover its many benefits. They have found that teas can probably help you with heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It also lowers blood […]


          {Infographic} The 15 Best Weight Loss Foods

          By NHT / January 12, 2016

          5 shares Losing weight is simple. It may be hard to break old habits and learn new ones, but the basics of weight loss are as simple as can be. Increase the amount of nutrient-rich, low fat, low sugar foods and exercise more frequently. Of course, there are plenty of fast fat loss programs you […]