10 Natural Remedies to Remove Skin Tags


Skin tag are small, soft skin growths. They are harmless and can grow on various parts of the body but they usually exist in areas where skin may rub against skin like eyelids, armpits, under the breast groin and upper chest.

Skin tags are common and almost everyone will develop a skin tag at some point in their life. Some people are more prone to developing skin tags like overweight people, people suffering from diabetes and pregnant woman.

As tags are benign, seeking treatment is unnecessary unless it is a cosmetic problem or the tag causes irritation by shaving, clothing, jewellery etc.

There are many ways to remove a skin tag; from freezing, suture to cutting off the tag. Sounds painful? How to remove skin tags naturally then? Let us take a look at some natural remedies to remove skin tags.

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One of the best and easy way to painlessly remove skin tags is using tea tree oil.

  • Soak a cotton ball in water and squeeze out excess water.
  • Drop 2 -3 drops of the oil on a soaked cotton ball.
  • Rub it over the skin tag in circular motions.
  • Do it at least two times a day, daily for 1 week or until the skin tag vanishes.

Tea tree oil has anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties; and it will dry out the skin tag.

Note: It is important to soak the cotton ball in water as concentrated tea tree oil can cause irritation.

    2. Banana Peel


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Banana peel is an effective method for removing skin tag due to its strong antioxidant properties, the enzymes in the peel also help dissolve the tag.

  • Cut a small piece of banana peel.
  • Place the inside part of the peel over the skin tag.
  • Warp a bandage over the peel and leave it overnight.
  • Remove the peel the next morning and wash the area with water.
  • Continue doing it every night until the tag falls off.

    3. Lemon Juice


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A powerful antiseptic, lemon juice also contain citric acid to dry out skin tags by decomposing the cells.

  • Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice.
  • Apply directly to the skin tag.
  • Leave it on without washing off up to three times daily.
  • Continue until the tag falls off.

Note: Do not go out in the sun after applying lemon juice as it will give you a bad tan.

    4. Apple Cider Vinegar


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The best natural remedy to remove skin tag. Apple Cider Vinegar contains acid that breaks down the excess cells in the skin tag to remove it completely.

  • Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar
  • Apply to skin tag
  • Squeeze the cotton ball as you massage the skin tag so that the tag is saturated with vinegar.
  • Leave it on the skin tag for 3 - 4 hours before washing it off with water.
  • Do it at least 3 - 4 times daily for few weeks or until the skin tag is gone.

Note: Apple cider vinegar is acidic hence you may feel a stinging sensation during treatment. The itching will go away after a few minutes. If you cannot stand it, you can dilute the apple cider vinegar.

    5. Onion Juice


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Its acidic nature makes onion juice a good natural remedy for removing skin tags.

  • Cut an onion into small pieces.
  • Leave it overnight in a closed vessel containing salt.
  • Extract the juice the next morning.
  • Apply the juice to the skin tag and cover it with a bandage.
  • Wash the area with warm water the next day.
  • Repeat the process every night for at least 10 - 12 days or until the skin tag comes off.

    6. Castor Oil


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Castor oil is another natural remedy to remove skin tags. The oil dissolves and eradicates skin growth without leaving a scar. Castor oil also contains many nutrients to keep your skin healthy.

  • Mix 1 part baking soda with 2 parts castor oil to form a thick paste.
  • Apply paste on skin tag.
  • Cover it with a bandage and leave it overnight.
  • Wash off the paste with warm water the next morning.
  • Repeat daily for about 10 days or until the tag totally vanishes.

    7. Garlic

natural remedy

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Fresh garlic can improve skin health and dry out skin tags due to its anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The enzymes in the garlic can help shrink skin tags naturally.

  • Ground fresh garlic to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste to the skin tag.
  • Cover it with a bandage and leave it overnight.
  • Wash off the paste with warm water the next morning.
  • Repeat daily for about 10 days or until the tag totally vanishes.

    8. Dandelion Stem Juice


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Dandelion is good for liver diseases and also skin diseases like eczema, warts, moles and skin tags.

  • Get a dandelion flower and squeeze the steam.
  • A milky liquid will come out of the stem.
  • Apply the juice to the skin tag.
  • Leave the dandelion juice on the tag to dry.
  • Apply the juice at least 3 -4 times daily.
  • The skin tag will eventually turn dark and fall off.

Do not use this remedy if you are allergic to plants like daisies, chrysanthemums, marigolds etc, as you may be allergic to dandelion too.

    9. Vegetable Juice


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You can use a concoction of vegetables to remove skin tags, one such vegetable is the cauliflower. It dries out the skin and makes the skin smooth.

  • Blend 1 potato, 2 cloves of garlic and few pieces of cauliflower to get their thick juice.
  • Apply the thick juicy paste on the skin tag at night.
  • Cover it with a bandage and leave it overnight.
  • Wash off the paste with warm water the next morning.
  • Repeat daily until the tag totally vanishes.

    10. Oregano Oil


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This oil has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimelanomic, anti-oxidative, antispasmodic, antiseptic properties, making oregano oil a very effective treatment for skin tags.

  • Mix oregano oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil
  • Apply this mixture on the skin tag at least 3 times daily
  • The skin tag will change from red to purple to dark black before dropping off

Note: You need to dilute the oregano oil with a carrier oil to prevent redness and irritation. Do not use it near your eyes.


There you have it, 10 natural ways to remove skin tags. Do you know how to remove skin tags using another method? Drop us a comment!

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