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20 Tasty and Healthy Negative Calorie Foods!

By NHT / 2019-10-22

5 shares Share0 Pin5 It can be difficult to stay away from your favorite snack foods and steer towards foods with low or no calories. One of the biggest issues in accomplishing this feat is finding foods that taste good. It is hard to imagine finding low or no cal foods you can enjoy because […]


The Alkaline 8: Eight Foods That Help To Keep Your Body Alkaline

By NHT / 2019-07-14

Today’s food options, which have been largely influenced by media and consumerism, are very acidic. Eating alkaline-rich foods will help your body function better and resist the harmful effects of oxidation and viruses. Below are the top eight alkaline foods that can boost your energy and improve your overall health: Foods to Maintain Your Body Alkaline 1. […]


The Calcium Clan: 10 Foods That are Packed With Calcium

By NHT / 2016-07-12

Most people know that calcium is vitally important for the development of healthy bones and teeth, but these are not the only benefits you can get from this nutrient. As we grow older, keeping our bones strong becomes more important. When we lack calcium, even a minor fall can cause damage to our bones. Calcium […]


13 Healthy Chip Alternatives to Potato Chips

By NHT / 2016-07-05

  Potato chips are classic snacks that we just can’t get enough of. It’s the combination of the tastiness and the crunchiness when you bite into these chips that make them great. The way it works, however, you can get healthier options and make chips of any other kind apart from potatoes. The best chips […]


Best Over the Counter Prenatal Vitamins

By NHT / 2016-06-24

Pregnancy is one of the best things that can happen in a woman’s life. Motherhood begins upon conception and the body’s nutritional needs will increase as the baby grows inside the womb. This is where prenatal vitamins come in. Most, if not all, doctors highly recommend these vitamins to women who are pregnant and those […]


The 10 Absolute Tastiest Fruit Infused Water Combos

By NHT / 2016-02-12

Flat Tummy Water You will need: 1 sliced cucumber 1 sliced lemon 1 tablespoon grated ginger 6 cups of water, filtered 1/3 cup of mint leaves Allow the mixture to infuse overnight. Then, consume it all the following day.   Fruit and herb flavored water. These are easy combinations for natural detox You will need: […]


Jeunesse Products Review

By NHT / 2016-01-23

Jeunesse is a network marketing business that promotes health supplements and anti-aging products. Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, two experienced network marketers, founded the company. Today, the US-based company maintains offices across the globe, from Africa to Asia to Europe.   Luminesce Luminesce is Jeunesse Global’s flagship product line. All products under this lineup were […]


15 Ways to Fire Up A Slow Metabolism

By NHT / 2015-10-21

101 shares Share1 Pin100 There many different ways to fire up your metabolism, but there’s one important truth that unites them all: firing up your metabolism is the key to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. And with obesity being one of the main health issues in western society, learning how to kick that metabolism […]