Tai Chi Health Benefits: A Healthy Lifestyle Beyond Gym

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an Ancient Chinese form of exercise that can be equated with performing “meditation in motion”. It is basically a mind-body practice which originated as a martial art form. Tai chi is a low-impact, slow motion exercise, during which your body goes through a series of motions, named after martial art moves or animal actions.

The movements in Tai Chi are never forced, the muscles remain relaxed throughout and the joints are not fully bent or extended. This increases its mass appeal as you can make it a part of your lifestyle even if you are not in top shape or the best of health.

Tai Chi derives its roots from a few basic principles of Chinese Philosophy, Qi and Yin-Yang. Qi is an energy force believed to flow through the body and Tai Chi encourages the proper flow of Qi. Yin and Yang are opposing elements which must be kept in harmony. Tai Chi is believed to ensure this balance.

Tai Chi as an alternative:

Tai Chi promotes flexibility and balance, perhaps some of the most essential fitness tips for men. If you desire to get into top-notch shape, then it can be the best alternative for more traditional workouts and standard gym routines. There is also an increasing trend towards incorporating alternative exercises with more traditional forms of exercise routines, and Tai Chi is one of the most sought after alternatives in this regard.

Tai Chi in action

A Tai Chi class consists of the following essential components:

  • Warm-up: Warm-up includes some swift motions like shoulder circles, rocking back and forth, turning your head from side to side, etc. This will help loosen your muscles and joints and improve focus on your breathing and body.
  • Tai Chi forms: Short forms or sets of movements may include a dozen or fewer movements, whereas long forms include hundreds of movements. A short form with slower movements is usually recommended for the beginners and people in their old age.
  • Qigong: This is basically “breath work” or “energy work”. It consists of a few minutes of gentle breathing, which is also sometimes combined with movement. It relaxes the mind and helps mobilize the body’s energy.

Health Benefits of Tai Chi

  • Muscle Strength: It helps strengthen both the lower and upper body extremities and also the core muscles of the back and abdomen. The benefits of Tai Chi can be compared to resistance training and brisk walking, when practiced on a regular basis.
  • Flexibility: Tai Chi immensely increases upper and lower body flexibility.
  • Restoring Regular Posture & Shape – Women, especially after pregnancy have the tendency to lose on shape and general posture. Involving Tai chi in the daily regime can help restoring the body.
  • Balance: It affects Proprioception – the ability to sense the position of one’s body in space- and thereby improves balance and reduces falls. It corrects poor posture, alignment or movement patterns which can lead to tension or injury. Tai Chi also brings down the fear of falling and also makes it easier to recover from a stumble.
  • Weight loss: Keeping the weight in check is one of simplest ways to attain body balance. Combine Tai chi with some super foods that helps burning body fat and see the difference. Safe and certified weight loss pills aren’t a bad option either if you don’t like the idea to have meals every alternate hour.
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety: The practitioners of Tai Chi attest to the testimony that a precise execution of these exercises fosters a calm and tranquil mind.

Thus, when performed correctly and practiced regularly, Tai Chi can have a positive impact on your overall mental and physical health and help you keep in shape as well.

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