7 DIY Home Exercises to Make Your Boobs Perkier

how to make your boobs perkier

Sagging boobs are an unavoidable consequence of aging, but you can take measures to make your boobs perkier now and delay this unfortunate side effect of growing older—and no, we're not talking about push up bras. In fact, there isn't really any proof that push up bras actually have a positive long term effect on how perky your boobs are. But there are exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home to strengthen your chest muscles and make your boobs perk up.

1. Chest Press

Chest exercise

"source" - www.fitnessforyou.com

Start with your back flat on the floor or a bench and your knees up as shown in the image above. Hold your dumbbells out to the side with your elbows level with your chest and bent at right angles.

Push the dumbbells up towards the center of your chest, straightening your arms and pulling them in. Hold them for one breath and then lower them until your elbows are level with your chest and bent at right angles again.

2. Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Raises

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and the dumbbells at your side. Tense your arms and raise your dumbbells until they're parallel to your shoulders, keeping your arms as straight as possible.

Hold for one breath and lower slowly, keeping your arms straight, then repeat.

3. The Elbow Squeeze

Tricep Exercises

"source" -www.cosmopolitan.com/health/fitness

Raise your dumbbells up to eye level and hold them together. Pull your elbows apart while still holding the dumbbells together, then push your elbows in towards each other, keeping the dumbbells together at eye level. Hold with your elbows touching for one breath, then slowly pull your elbows apart again.


Repeat this exercise 10 to 20 times for best results.

4. Pectoral Fly

Chest Exercises

"source" - www.fitforyou.com

Grab two dumbbells and lie on the floor or on a sturdy workout bench. Lift your knees to a 90 degree angle. Bring your arms out to your side, keeping your elbows bent, then push your dumbbells into the air above your chest. Make sure your elbows stay pointed outwards.

Lower the dumbbells until you feel the stretch in your chest and shoulders, then repeat 10 to 20 times.

5. The C-Sweep


"source" - cosmopolitan.com/health/fitness

Lie with your back flat on the floor and two dumbbells held directly above your head with your palms facing up towards the ceiling. Use your dumbbells to draw a mirrored letter 'C' through the air, keeping your arms low and heading towards your hips. Trace the 'C' back to your starting position slowly, still keeping your arms low to the ground.

Repeat this 10 to 20 times per workout.

6. Push Ups

7 Exercises for perky boobs. No personal trainer required! - https://www.naturalhealthtrend.com/7-diy-home-exercises-to-make-your-boobs-perkier

Lie face down on the floor with your hands flat on the floor, spread out just a little bit wider than your shoulders. Holding your core tight and your body straight, lift yourself up off the floor until your arms are only slightly bent.

Lower yourself slowly and repeat 10-20 times for best effects.

7. The PEC Push Up

chest exercises

"source" - www.cosmopolitanmagazine.com/health/fitness

Grab two dumbbells and stretch out on your back, pressing your spine into the ground and keeping your abs tight. Push the dumbbells into the air above your chest, keeping your elbows as close together as possible and turning your palms to face inward. Take a deep breath and lower the dumbbells until they're about one inch above your chest, then exhale and push the dumbbells back up.

Repeat this exercise 10 to 20 times per workout as appropriate for your fitness level.


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