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    The 10 Absolute Tastiest Fruit Infused Water Combos

    By NHT / February 12, 2016

    Flat Tummy Water You will need: 1 sliced cucumber 1 sliced lemon 1 tablespoon grated ginger 6 cups of water, filtered 1/3 cup of mint leaves Allow the mixture to infuse overnight. Then, consume it all the following day.   Fruit and herb flavored water. These are easy combinations for natural detox You will need: […]


      15 Ways To Lose Weight Even When You’re Super Busy

      By NHT / December 23, 2015

      0 shares Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Losing weight requires discipline, consistency, and determination. Food deprivation and excessive exercising can be detrimental to your goal and overall health. In fact, studies show that baby steps, and not the big leaps, is the best way to achieve long-lasting results. Here are 15 simple ways to help you move […]


        How To Lose Face Fat

        By NHT / December 5, 2015

        Many people dislike having excess fat on their face and cheeks. While deciding to go under the knife would solve your face fat problems, this is not the only solution. Living a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating right and exercising regularly, will help you lose fat from the face. Doing so would also help you […]


          Benefits of Push-ups

          By NHT / November 18, 2015

          104 shares Pin104 Share0 Many people consider pushups as nothing more than a warm-up drill, a beginner’s workout, or a bad joke from gym class. This type of workout, however, is one of the best exercises that help develop upper body strength. Regardless of your fitness level, the push-up effectively works all of your muscles […]


            Top 5 Best Foam Rollers for Fitness, Toning & Massage

            By NHT / November 16, 2015

            1 shares Pin1 Share0 The foam roller is a tube-shaped self-massager that allows you to loosen up those tight and nagging muscles. You can also use them for warm up before working out, as well as for cool down and recovery afterwards.The foam roller helps you improve your muscular health and allow your body to […]


              15 Ways to Fire Up A Slow Metabolism

              By NHT / October 21, 2015

              101 shares Share1 Pin100 There many different ways to fire up your metabolism, but there’s one important truth that unites them all: firing up your metabolism is the key to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. And with obesity being one of the main health issues in western society, learning how to kick that metabolism […]


                7 DIY Home Exercises to Make Your Boobs Perkier

                By NHT / October 6, 2015

                13 shares Pin13 Share0Sagging boobs are an unavoidable consequence of aging, but you can take measures to make your boobs perkier now and delay this unfortunate side effect of growing older—and no, we’re not talking about push up bras. In fact, there isn’t really any proof that push up bras actually have a positive long […]


                  Fat Loss Factor Review: Will it Work?

                  By NHT / September 4, 2015

                  2 shares Pin2 If you have tried going extreme on your diet or piling up endless workouts in hope of losing weight and have not found success yet, it’s time to consider an alternative.Having said that, there are too many fake and exaggerated products on weight loss in the market these days, how can you […]

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