The Calcium Clan: 10 Foods That are Packed With Calcium

Most people know that calcium is vitally important for the development of healthy bones and teeth, but these are not the only benefits you can get from this nutrient. As we grow older, keeping our bones strong becomes more important. When we lack calcium, even a minor fall can cause damage to our bones. Calcium also helps improve cardiovascular health and aids in regulating blood pressure. Taking enough calcium daily can prevent abnormal growths and tumors in the colon as well.
So if you want to include more calcium-rich foods in your diet, here are the best foods to eat.

10 Foods That are Packed With Calcium

1. Almonds

Aside from calcium, almonds are also rich in vitamin E and magnesium which have a role to play in nurturing bone as well as heart health. Almonds also have omega-3, a healthy fat that keeps bones supple.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli has significant cleansing properties thanks to its antioxidants and numerous vitamins and minerals. The vitamins C, B, A, and E can all be found in broccoli, including the minerals manganese, choline and potassium.

3. Canned sardines

Eating canned sardines together with its tiny bones ensures your body receives a sizable amount of calcium. Other than calcium, sardines are also an excellent source of omega-3, vitamin B, vitamin D and protein.

4. Cheese

All varieties of cheese are high in calcium. You can also eat cheese if you’re looking for protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, and zinc, as well as probiotics for healthy digestion.

5. Chinese Cabbage

Chinese cabbages like most green leafy vegetables are full of essential nutrients. They contain substantial amounts of potassium, iron, and vitamin K, and also provide powerful antioxidants such as the vitamins C and A.

6. Kale

With its high vitamin K content, as well as the vitamins A, B, and C, kale has plenty of antioxidants. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s rich in magnesium and omega-3.

7. Milk

Naturally, milk is one of the best sources of calcium. You can likewise find in milk several other nutrients that support the growth and development of your bones, such as vitamin D, protein, magnesium and potassium.

8. Okra

Despite its not very pleasant texture, okra is widely eaten due to its high nutritional value. Apart from calcium, okra is full of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B, folate and even vitamin C.

9. Tofu

Tofu and other soy products are a good alternative to cow’s milk if you need more calcium but are lactose intolerant. Tofu also contains iron and magnesium.

10. Yogurt

For weight-conscious individuals, yogurt can provide the calcium they need for the day instead of milk. Yogurt also promotes good digestion because of its probiotics.

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